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Vastu Tips – Namrata

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Wall colours that emits positive energy.If you are looking for wall colours that bring positivity at home,you can opt for the following palette.

Shades of yellow are associated with communication self esteem and power.

Purple creates a perfect atmosphere for quietness.You can choose light shades like lavender for useful and soothing sleep.

Green soothes stress.It is also associated with the wood element and depression aa they represent some of the fiery planets like Rahu,Shani,Mars and Sun.Red,deep Yellow and black should be avoided.

Generally these colours have high intensity and it may disturb the energy pattern inside your house.
However if you feel that your home lacks passion and warmth you can choose Red colour in some corners of your home.

For the bedroom avoid excessive use of red as it represents fire energy and may trigger temperament issues.

According to vastu home owners should avoid excessive white colour as it increases egocentric.

Home owners should also avoid any dark colours in the garage and car parking areas.

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